Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Life lately and a bunch of thumbs up

After seeing some of the photos that have been taken of me I realized I might have a disease.  No, not a skin disease or anything like that....a thumbs up disease, it seems to be my go to pose when a camera is pointed at me so without further adieu, photos of le life.

The thumbs up begins ( please note I'm double jointed)
watching my man
Droopy love
Pretty flowers outside our place

My sunglasses got stolen ( what a poser)

Posing away- pencil skirt with my pleather jacket

work day outfit and hair

I love this consol glass water bottle, the grip is amazing and its not weak at all

thumbs up again wowwee

Have a lovely day fellow interwebers


  1. You are too funny! Love the thumbs up disease ;)
    xo TJ

  2. haha, thank you. I just cant seem to go for any other pose :P