Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Home alone - a short survival guide

My housemates and boyfriend went away for the weekend for a family birthday, I couldn't attend, because I had a little work function going and going to that part of the country is just not my idea of a good time.

I'll admit I was really excited for a little me time without people all around me, but after I came back from my function I had a panic moment of realizing OMG, I'm here all by myself.  This is dangerous, I'm going to get murdered and killed, No one will know I'm dying until they get back.  You know general freak out things :O
Eventually I got over my freak out (after I locked all the doors closed the windows and curtains and double checked that the doors were locked) and decided I'm going to enjoy this.

This is my short survival guide for being home alone:

1. Enjoy yourself this is a wonderful time to do everything YOU want to do! So think about something you've wanted to do for a while and DO IT.  I poured myself a glass (or 5) of wine and watched copious amounts of series on the couch.

2. Make yourself dinner (or order in) I made myself a healthy dinner for one and ate it by candle light, because hey romancing myself is hard.  I pulled out all the stops.
Steamed string beans with a broccoli, carrot and peppers bake

3. Put on some heels and feel good.  Well I was already dressed and I felt o so pretty so I really didn't want to change
* or put on your pjs and get really relaxed.
Leg warmers and ankle heels

4. Give yourself a facial.  I gave myself a steam facial and walked around covered in oil for ages.

5. Take a bath and read a book.  Taking a relaxing bath without someone screaming at me to get out the bathroom was wonderful.

6.  Watch some chick flicks or any movie you like.  I spend my evening watching walking dead, because everyone hates it and never wants me to watch it. WINNING!

7. After all this I got really bored and started cleaning and organizing everything.  Drank more wine and went to bed.

I had a rather lovely time being by myself and doing whatever I wanted to do.

Have a spectacular week everyone.

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